Who am I?

This is a personal blog regarding my travels around the world. Have a look around as if you are browsing a friend’s photo album in the living room, leave a comment if you like it.

Why have I created this blog?

I realised I was taking a lot of of photos every time I went on holiday. Unfortunately, most often the photos ended up being backed up to hard drives or left on the memory card. (I discovered the mobile phone cameras very late..) I tried to print a few, but there are only so many walls in the house to hang them, so I decided to create a blog (mainly for myself) just to be able to easily bring back memories of places I have visited with friends and family.

Secondly, I like to keep myself up-to-today with what’s going on with WordPress, so I needed an excuse to play around with it.

How often do you update it?

I am behind, I have visited 30+ countries so currently you can only see a small number of the trips but I am trying to catch-up.

Views are my own.